Gig-start your Business

Jun 03 2020

Our company, The Career Network, is a generalist recruitment agency and the number of CV’s and requests for employment we are receiving in our inboxes at the moment is heartbreaking. From every discipline and level, you can think of. From highly qualified executives and specialists to willing and extremely competent team players, the story is the same. “My company has been forced to close”…….“I have been retrenched” Almost all with dependents who rely on them.

We posted a blog a while back on performance management where we asked the question “how do you define a career”? We think this question could do with revisiting. The traditional view was typically working your way up through tiers of management or specialisation in 2 or 3 high-profile companies. Your career was almost a joint venture between yourself and your various employers.

As we all try to emerge from the devastating effects of Covid-19 and by extension, the lockdown, companies are going to demand as much value as they can get from any new employee. In many circumstances, they are going to be reluctant to add staff to their permanent payroll but they will require skilled people to get their businesses up to speed as quickly as possible. And there are many highly qualified people ready to help.

The question is, is South Africa ready for the new “gig” economy, where a gig could be a contract, a freelance opportunity or any flexible arrangement where a piece of work is offered for a fee? We believe we don’t have a choice – both from a demand and supply perspective. We don’t have time to think out of the box – we need to think as though the box never existed.

Companies need to adopt a flexible and dynamic way of acquiring new talent.

And coming back to careers, what is wrong with taking total charge and creating for yourself a rich patchwork of experiences where you can both give and receive value, often working remotely from home (at which we are now very adept) or anywhere else for that matter. There is always the chance that one of these gigs may become permanent if the circumstances are right.

We believe that from an employer point of view, if managed correctly, this could get us up, running and highly productive faster than we think.

Contact us – we have the people with the skills you need and we can help you shape and manage your “gig” to get the most cost-effective, cash-flow friendly results.