What Our Candidates Say About Us

“Thank you very much for all your assistance in finding me a job, Lesley – I really appreciate it. I will recommend you to anyone else that I know (both employer and employee) in future. Your help and positive attitude has been invaluable in keeping me positive during my search. So Thank You!”

“Lesley, it was really nice chatting to you. You are such an easy person to talk to, which allows the candidate to honestly open up. Your theory is good and I can see your business going far and succeeding.”

“Thanks for being such a great recruiter!”

“Your description of the environment and people was spot on! Good environment with good people. Thanks a lot for touching base. You have been amazing!”

“Thank you for the update! I appreciate it soooo much that you always keep me updated, makes things a little bit easier!”

“I know I am in good hands with you. Thank you Lesley!”

“As a candidate I found her to be wonderfully supportive and considerate of my requirements and preferences in terms of what I wanted to do career-wise. She took the time to really understand what I did and did not want to do and never once did she “push” a role on me that did not fit with what I ultimately wanted. The partnership with her from this angle worked extremely well”

“You really have excelled in terms of the service delivered. Trust me on this – I’ve had some nightmarish experiences with agents in the past. Keep doing what you have been doing :)”

“Thank you once again Lesley. You have helped me find a job easily and without any hassle. It’s also my dream job! The Career Network is outstanding. Thank you so much!”