Why is your CV not making it to the top of the pile?

Mar 27 2019

Studies have shown that recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds reviewing an individual resume!  Think about that for a while…

Below is what we at The Career Network look for when going through one of the most important documents of your life, your CV! 

Make sure it’s updated.  If you apply for a job today make sure the information pertains to today!  We can’t contact you on your old mobile number or email address.

People nowadays don’t read (candidates included), they skim! and as Recruiters, we have a talent when it comes to skim reading a CV to pick out the most important facts, so make sure this relevant information is clearly visible at first glance.  Having said that, we don’t think it’s always possible to fit your whole life and career into one page.  Two, three or four pages will also suffice depending on where in your career you are.  Personally, as Recruiters who know what our clients want to see on your CV, we would rather have slightly more information than hardly any at all so that we can make use of the info we think is necessary. If you’ve read till the end of this passage, Well Done.

Tweak your CV (and cover letter) each time you send it for a specific role – we know this sounds like a lot of hard work, but it will be worth it.  Trust us on this.  Tweaking even just the cover letter, making it relevant to what the Recruiter has advertised for will want to make them read on and open the CV.  Keep it short and use more of a bullet point format rather than long paragraphs in your cover letter. It is so important to make the recruiter aware of your strengths that align particularly with the role advertised. 

Why would salary expectations be important to include?  Because it saves a lot of time – which Recruiters don’t have.  You also don’t want to get to the end of the interview process and the misaligned salary is only discussed at second round interview stage because everyone is avoiding the discussion and it’s assumed that you are all on the same page.  You are NOT! 

To include a picture or not?  Personally, we like seeing a good, professional head and shoulders pic on your CV. Just a tip here – don’t include someone else in the picture and make sure you it’s not one of those in-the-bathroom-with-your-phone-reflecting-in-the-mirror shots! Keep it professional!

Last but not least – make sure spelling and grammar are correct!  And that spacing and fonts are easy on the eye. 

We wish you well in your search and keep an eye on our website for any positions we are advertising www.thecareernetwork.co.za/careers

By Lesley Boxall

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